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David Beecroft

Since 1994 Mr. Beecroft has been an active member of the Berlin music community where he presently lives. Along with playing all of the "traditional" saxophone family (soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxophones), flute and enough clarinet to get him self into trouble, Mr. Beecroft has a fondness for writing and arranging music for real life musical situations. The projects listed here are an expression of not only the desire to create music for the public but to create music with personal integrety.

A short chronological biography since the time that David came to Europe from his native Canada is a good indicator as to how he spends his time:

1994 At this time he moved to Berlin and has since become one of the most well known jazz musicians in the city.

1995/96 adjudicator for the Berlin Jazz Treff in the Instrument Museum

1995 began giving summer jazz workshops in Bologna with Prof. S. Busch (Hdk)

1997 has been a regular at the Tiergarten Festival1995/99 he played as a guest soloist in the orchestra of the “Drei Groschen Oper” at the Deutches Theater. Since 1995 he has often been a guest of the Chameleon Cabaret as well as a substitute player with the RIAS orchestra (ZDF). He has played in all the big jazz clubs in Berlin like the A-Train, Schlot, Quasimodo, French Quarter, Badisher Hof etc. and for special concerts in churches or at the “Lapidarium”, or in museums and galleries. Since 1998 has been playing and touring for Jazz Radio Berlin. Recent tours include playing for MCM at the Mode-Messe in Dusseldorf and other big events through Germany.

2000 Began producing and engineering recordings for artists including Georgio Crobu, Ekkehard Wölk, Pepe Berns, Wolfgang Köhler, “Night Train” and many others. He has also began a project making documentary recordings of jazz musicians in Berlin in co-operation with Jazzagentur Berlin.
Completed his saxophone improvisation method book “Sound, Modality & Movement” which he currently uses for teaching at the Jazzschule Berlin.

2001 Musical director for “Composers Night”, a monthly concert series dedicated to presenting new works by jazz composers from all over Europe. Featured composers; Wolfgang Köhler, Jimmi Roger Pedersen, Jan Von Klewiz, Marc Muellbauer, Thomas Loup, Ed Kröger, Julia Hulsman, Pete "Wyoming" Bender, Mack Goldsbury, Hans Fahling, Wolfgang Rogenkamp, Valentine Gregor, Ekkehard Wölk, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Christian Grabandt, Antonio Zambrini, Carlo Morena...

2002 Completed “Beginning Improvisation 1 & 2” Book and play-along CD’s
Co Leader of “Unsung Heroes”, “Jazz in the V.I.P. Lounge”, “Sax & Violins” & “Discover” with vocalist Gigi Andersson.

2003 Assumed the first alto saxophone chair in the Politzeiorchester Berlin.
Formed the group "Le groupe des sept Canucks / The Group of Seven Canucks" for the purpose of representing Canada at cultural and social events across Germany. The group presents a fusion of Canadian Pop "hits" with a grooving, jazzy sensibility. Events include the official opening of the new Canadian Embassy on Potsdamer Platz.
Started “Legere-Deutschland” to import and distribute Canadian made Légère synthetic saxophone & clarinet reeds.
Improvisation Method, Play-Along books & CD's as well as saxophone quartet / quintet music included in the Georg Bauer Verlag (Karlsruhe, Germany) music catalogue.

2004 Opened teaching & recording studio in “Die Tankstelle” - Mitte

2005 Completed “Beginning Improvisation 3” Book and play-along CD’s
Recorded and played music examples on “Jazz Basic” & “Jazz Advanced” Playbacks zum Improvisieren from Stefan Berker and “Groove it” - Tunesday Records.

2006 Began teaching at Musikschule Fanny Hensel in Berlin. Duties include teaching "one on one" as well as rehearsing the saxophone section for the school big band and occasionally taking the rehearsals for the whole band and directing "Sax O Fun" saxophone quintet.
Beginning Improvisation 1, 2 & 3 + Sound, Modality & Movement published by "Jazzwise" in UK
Began my musical association with Stefan de Leval Jezierski of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Rhythm section of Larry Porter - Piano, Robin Draganic - Bass and Michael Clifton - Drums
Produced jazz recordings for Prof. Wolfgang Köhler, Jiggs Whigham and Herb Gellar.
Played lead alto with the Marc Secara big band under the leadership of Jiggs Whigham "Orian Project"
Joined the "Last Ballroom Orchestra" Werner Last (Neffe des berühmten James Last)

2007 Official endorcer for Jody Jazz mouthpieces.
Worked closely with instrument maker Trevour James to perfect professional and amateur saxophones
Joined the Symphonic Pops Orchestra under the leadership of Frank Hollmann. Mr. Beecroft is a featured soloist on soprano and alto saxophones as well as playing clarinet.
Formed the group "Strawberry and Devil Crab" with jazz singer Marianne Baer, Prof. Wolfgang Köhler - Piano, Paul Imm - Bass & Felix Astor - Drums.

2008 Completed Book & CD "Perfecting Intonation" which is presently available through Jazzwise publications, UK and various music outlets in Berlin, Germany.
Became musical director/conductor of the Big Band for the "Fanny Hensel" Music school, Berlin.

2010 Worked closly with Légère Reeds Ltd. Canada to develop the Signature Series saxophones reeds. Became an official endorser of Légère Signature Reeds.
Sideman on new Seeed with Peter Fox CD to be released in 2011
Concerts with new group: "That 2 Tenor Thang" with Bernhard Ullrich.

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